Happily Ever Hernandez is a lifestyle blog aimed to share our families’ journey and discoveries in nontoxic, low waste living, natural products, toddler activities, travel, faith, minimalist tips, and more.


My name is Sara, and this is my first experience blogging. Therefore, I am learning as I go. First, I am a wife and a mother to a two year old boy and Shiba Inu dog. My husband and I moved back to Austin, Tx. a year ago where we were born and raised. However, we have moved five times and lived in three different states in our four years of marriage. I was pregnant during two of those moves!

 I have a bachelors degree in early childhood education and taught second grade for two years. Currently I stay at home and love it most of the time. Above all, I adore my toddler and getting to teach him every day. I can’t wait to share a portion of our lives with you! My goal is to post weekly about all that I am learning related to family, faith, health, and wellness.

I plan to publish blogs related to food, products I love, and finance tips I have learned. Since I have a toddler I will be providing different motherhood related ideas. I enjoy reading, so I look forward to writing about some of my favorite books. Lastly, as a family we are working on showing hospitality to those around us. So, welcome and you are invited along on this voyage.