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Best Usborne Books

Usborne Books & More has so many amazing books for all ages and stages of development. As a former teacher I wish I had some of these books before and am so excited to get L more as he grows and I homeschool him. I just got a ton of free books, and I want to share how great they are. There are great deals for hosts this month, so let me know if you’re interested in getting free books too!

The Usborne website can be very overwhelming, so I decided to create this post to try and break down some of my favorite books. Look through this whole post, because even though I separated it into age categories, you know your child best. I put books that I bought my toddler even in some of the upper elementary category because of how long lasting and versatile these books are. They can last years and be used, treasured, and learned from in all different ages.

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Best Usborne Books for Babies

usborne baby book

These fingertrail books were a hit with my niece who just turned one. Another fun series that babies and toddlers especially enjoy are the touchy-feely books. When L was littler he loved the black and white books. These stroller books are great for when your baby gets to the stage where they love to throw everything. Crinkle books were always a favorite too.

usborne baby books

Best Usborne Books for Toddlers

Usborne this is owl

I just ordered this book since my toddler loved a similar one This is Owl that I got in my consultant starter kit. The book is so fun and interactive having your child tickle owl, clap his/her hands, and get involved in the story.

I am so excited for this Bug Hotel book and Birdhouse that I recently ordered. My almost three year old is super into both of those things right now. He loves collecting bugs and learning about them. He also enjoys watching birds come to the bird feeder on a tree in our back yard and identifying them along with other things in nature in this nature book.

best usborne books nature

We spend a lot of time outdoors, so I had to get this very first outdoor book that discusses birds, amphibians, and all types of wildlife, weather, and more.

first outdoor book

Books For Preschool

I got this ABC book for our toddler since its never too early to introduce things, and he loves singing the ABC song! That’s another great thing about these books is how long lasting they are. Even if a book is damaged we have a lifetime half price replacement guarantee. Doesn’t get better than that.

outdoor book table of contents

There is a more detailed Outdoor Book that we got as well. I know this book will last us years as we explore and learn about wildlife, habitats, and all things outdoors! We also just ordered this book about how things grow and this nature reference book.

I love Usborne’s huge Spanish collection. We ordered this book to help expand our vocabulary. Its so awesome how the book will pronounce the words so you know you are saying them correctly if you’re learning a new language. This body book is a great way to teach your littles about body parts, senses, people’s differences, how to take care of yourself, and other facts about the body.

Books for Lower Elementary

This phonics reading library makes learning to read fun! Not only will your child enjoy these stories, but even my toddler loves for me to read this books to him. This first reading library is also so unique in scaffolding your child to have the confidence to read by having lines that an adult or older reader can read in the beginning books and lines that the new reader reads alongside. By the end of the series your child will be reading the full book on their own! As a former elementary teacher I also love that in the back of the book there are questions and comprehension checks available for the parent/adult.

This is another book we got to prepare and introduce counting to our toddler. Most schools look for your child to be able to do this by the end of kindergarten. This book makes it fun and includes visuals. If you have a reader this is a great way for them to learn for any subject.

The book of comparisons is a unique book that measures and compares a huge variety of subjects. Definitely going on our future wishlist!

Art: If your child loves to draw and be creative, Usborne has so many wonderful options.

  • There are different drawing books that take you step by step to learn how to draw different things.
  • This book is great for discussing with older children what art is and contains a ton of information.
  • As someone who is always thinking up inventions myself, this scribble book is so valuable. Usborne has so many amazing journals focused on different topics that you should definitely check out.
  • They even have embroidery kits that come with everything you need to learn and create your own.
  • Learn about painting, drawing, collages, and other art skills step-by-step in this book catered to older children.
  • There are so many other books including color by number, paint with water, origami, DIY, and sticker books that children of all ages can enjoy. These transfer books are so cool, and you should check them out for sure.

Math: I love how Usborne continues with lift the flap series and makes reading and learning fun. This book is perfect for children who are learning all about shapes. Here is another lift the flap book to learn about fractions and decimals and one about multiplying and dividing. I have always struggled with math and enjoyed reading, so I love how these books combine the two to make it more enjoyable.

This awesome book talks all about time, incorporating other subject matter too. A big part of lower elementary math and science is being able to understand and compare different sizes, and that’s exactly what this book does.

Social Studies:This maps activity book can be supplementary during the year or over the summer. It is a fun way for your children to learn more about different types of maps and how to use them in an interactive way. This book is great for teaching about different jobs and there’s one about animal jobs as well!

I can not wait to get my son this book when he gets a little older. We plan to do a road trip across the U.S. over a year in an RV, and this book will be wonderful to have as a resource to learn about each state we travel to. There are also fun activity books like this travel one and this book is a must have for our trip.

Language Arts: This set provides you with a creative writing book with writing prompts, write your own storybook step by step, and a writing journal.

Upper Elementary

Usborne money book

Money: This book is so awesome at teaching children all about money. It talks about different currencies, how money is made, working for money, investments, and more! There are also academy books that teach your child and give practical advice if they’re interested in being an entrepreneur, engineer, chef, doctor, pilot, architect, scientist, and other careers.

This book might be the coolest one I’ve seen. It’s definitely not catered to a specific age range and can be read from toddlerhood up. I can’t wait for us to get ours in and compare the real size of different animal parts to our bodies!

Social Studies: Amazing women shares the achievements of scientists, politicians, artists, and over 100 brilliant women from around the world. Now and Then compares how things have changed from the past to present all over the world along with what has stayed the same.

Music: If you have a music lover like I do then you need this book! My little one is always asking what sounds different instruments make, and this book shows you for so many.

Science: Children ask so many questions! This book is awesome for their curious minds to learn all about science and questions they may have. I love being able to use books as resources and not just the internet. There are lots of great reference books like this body book.

I have never seen such a great book on the periodic table! I might have been more interested in learning about it with all the factual information included in this fun book. Ok, I think even my toddler would be interested in this weather book since he’s always asking questions about it and very interested. Be right back, got to add it to my never-ending wish list! This book is nice for exploring different habitats in the world.

Best Usborne Books for Older Children and Adults

Not going to lie, I want to get this survival book just for myself to learn! These are great skills to teach and knowledge for your family to have. There are a bunch of illustrated dictionaries for math, physics, biology, and chemistry that are a great reference to have on hand.

My wish list just keeps growing as I look through the catalog again! This book is so neat in displaying the way things work. For the adventurers at heart, you should take a look at the Bear Grylls Survival Book and others in the series.

This is a cool book about inventions. I always love learning how things came about. I always loved watching shows about survival as well, so this book should be interesting. There are seriously so many great books there’s no way I could cover them all in one blog, but I hope this helped narrow down and introduce you to some of what Usborne Books & More has to offer.

Have you seen any of these best Usborne books I shared? If you already love these books, why not host a party or become a consultant like me?! Message me if you would like more information or even help with personal book recommendations! If you enjoyed this post make sure you check out my post on the best books of 2018.

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