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DIY Wedding Photo Booth- How To Create Your Own

I share how you can create your own DIY wedding photo booth in this post. It is super inexpensive and simple. You will just need to decide on a backdrop and layout. I walk you through step by step how I set up my wedding photo booth. I also share tips on how you can make yours even better and avoid a couple of mistakes I made. 

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Man and woman posing in front of DIY wedding photo booth with props

Choose a Backdrop

Here are a few ideas of what you could do for a DIY wedding photo booth backdrop. I was gifted my backdrop from a friend’s wedding. I just used PVC pipes to keep it up rather than the stand that she used. All you need to do to create your own is go to Michael’s to purchase the fabric and flowers.

Decide How To Take The Pictures

We got a selfie stick along with a tripod for my iPad. I downloaded an app called DIY Wedding Booth. This app is great, because you can customize how you want the layout to look of the pictures. You can also add your names and wedding date by editing the templates on your computer.  

DIY Wedding Photo Booth sign to share photos on instagram and selfie stick

Choose How To Distribute The DIY Wedding Photo Booth Photos

There are really cool photo printers that you can rent or buy online. I chose to save and have a really simple photo booth. It can be a really cool alternative to renting out a full photo booth, where the wedding guests still get immediate photos. I just put a journal for the wedding guests to write their name and email address down. Then, I sent out the pictures after the wedding. 

Pick Out Props

This is the fun and final touch to your DIY wedding photo booth. I ordered these, but lost them before the wedding! Good thing I had also paid a visit to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to find a few hats, masks, and other props. Make sure you always think of a back up plan.

Another mistake I made with my DIY wedding photo booth is that I forgot to hook the iPad up to the charger. Hopefully in all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparation and setup you will remember this and benefit from me sharing my experience.

Now you should have all of the tools necessary to create your own photo booth or teach someone else. If you have any extra tips to add from your DIY wedding photo booth experience, please share them down below in the comments! Subscribe if you found this helpful, and share with someone else whom it may benefit. Go take a look at my other DIY wedding tips on how to plan your wedding and how to create your own floral arrangements

DIY Photo Booth How to create your own
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