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Easy Fathers Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day past, Father’s Day is coming in just a few short weeks. Here are some easy Father’s Day gifts that you can make last minute or put together in advance. Your dad is sure to love one of these personalized gift ideas.

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Fill a mason jar with nuts and create a label that says “We’re Nuts About You.” Here is an example of what that could look like.

Another special craft you can customize that will be special to look back on for years to come is anything with little hand or feet prints on it. Each year you can compare how much your baby has grown. You can create a mug like this, so each time the father drinks he will be reminded of his sweet child.

These free printable fathers day cards are so special! I can’t wait to have my little one fill it out when he’s a little older.


Here are some great ideas of things you can do with your father rather than purchasing a physical object. This is one of the easy fathers day gifts that you may even get to enjoy with him. If your dad is the minimalist type he will especially appreciate special time together.

easy fathers day gifts grandfather looking out window with grandson


Since this is a post about easy fathers day gifts I had to include things you can find on amazon. Amazon is one of the top places to shop these days for a reason. You can purchase almost anything from wherever you are and receive it within a couple days, sometimes even hours.

  • This toolbox is perfect for the handyman to organize all of their gadgets.
  • If you have the money to spend, a high quality piece of technology will be appreciated by tech lovers and busy entrepreneurs. iPads and apple watches are great for dads on the go to juggle everything they need.
  • Sometimes guys don’t always replace their essential daily items like socks. This is a practical, easy fathers day gift that is sure to be enjoyed.

If you have any other easy fathers day gifts that you love please share them below! This is another great list of fathers day gifts. To learn more ideas check out my post on amazon favorites.

easy fathers day gifts mason jar
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