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Essential Oil Uses | Safe Usage

Before getting pregnant I just purchased a kit of essential oils and a diffuser without doing much research off of amazon. I was still burning candles, applying all kinds of fragrances to my body daily, and was unaware of the health consequences that came along with that. I have learned so much since about essential oil uses, and have been wanting to share for a while! In this blog I will share all that I have learned about essential oils, their benefits, and why you should avoid fragrances.

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Harms of Fragrance

I have a whole highlight and post about the harms of fragrances on my instagram. Fragrances can contain harmful chemicals that disrupt hormones. They are in everything from your hair and body products to the cleaning products you use in your home. This is one reason why if you are trying to start healing by changing something in your lifestyle this is a great starting point.

In this link Dr. Axe discusses some of the harms of fragrances. I love this post where Dr. Courtney Kahla shares her favorite essential oils.

Benefits of Essential Oils

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If you research you will find that there are many benefits and uses for each essential oil. Research has shown that essential oils help with: hormones, fighting infection, boosting immune system, supporting digestion, increasing energy levels, and more! Essential oils are great to use for body, oral, hair, and skin care. Click here to learn more about essential oil uses and benefits.


This box is great for storing your essential oils. This case comes with roller balls that you can store inside. These are the shelves that I use to store my essential oils. It makes for easy access and is affordable. I love how they look displayed on the wall.


This is my favorite blog post that I always reference for essential oil safety with children. It wasn’t until I learned the information shared there that I felt comfortable using some essential oils around my toddler recently. The post is based off this book which is a bit pricey, but full of a wealth of knowledge which I plan to purchase in the future.


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These are the roller balls I use to make different blends with my plant therapy essential oils. I love plant therapy, because they have a whole kid safe line that is organic. I made a chest rub using coconut oil (as a carrier oil), frankincense, and lemon essential oils. Lemon essential oil is also great for cleaning the sink with some baking soda. I also like to drop it on the floor when I steam mop so that it smells nice.

For the roller ball blends a couple I have made are for fevers: lavender and fractionated coconut oil as the carrier oil, and another uses a drop of copaiba to help with teething pain along the jaw line. One of my favorite DIYs is my air freshener spray. Go to my DIY highlight on my instagram for the full recipe! You can also find my hand sanitizer recipe there as well. Most of my DIYs use the same simple essential oils. These are the bottles I use for my freshener spray.

Essential Oil Uses

You can put a drop of lavender essential oil in the bath to have a soothing effect, just be careful if you have very sensitive skin. I personally wouldn’t ingest essential oils. I love to use the DIY roller ball blends mentioned above, as well as diffuse the oils to boost our immune system and make the house smell nice.

Let me know if you have any other resources and helpful information related to essential oils as I’m always learning and growing. Share with someone else who may be curious of the different ways to safely use essential oils. If you enjoyed this blog check out my post on holistic supplements we love to learn more about how we support our immune system.

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