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Holistic Supplements We Love

This is not medical advice. Consult your health care professional and your own personal needs before starting any new holistic supplements. I am just sharing what works for our family and why we love these supplements. Even with the highest nutrient dense Whole Foods plant based diet it is still difficult to attain all necessary nutrients through food alone due to the depletion of the soil.

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Holistic Supplements for Immunity

Vitamin C

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We give this Whole Foods based Vitamin C spray to our toddler, and he LOVES it! I give him an extra spray anytime I think he needs a little extra immune support. Disclaimer: the product isn’t made for children, but personally it has worked well for our little one. I am not worried since you can’t really overdose on vitamin C.

A lot of times when dealing with sickness it is recommended to take a more easily absorbed holistic supplement such as this. Ascorbic acid can neutralize the chlorine in your bath water, along with boosting your immune system by taking orally daily. You should take vitamin c to bowel tolerance. You will know when you’ve reached this when you have loose stool.

Here is more information on the benefits of vitamin C.

Vitamin D3K2

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We love Mary Ruth’s Vitamin D. I would recommend getting flavored holistic supplements in a flavor that your child enjoys unless you want to spray an unflavored version in food you know he/she will eat. All of Mary Ruth’s supplements are organic, vegan, and gluten free. Vitamin D should be taken along with K2 for optimal absorption.

Vitamin D is important for bodily functions. Deficiency has been linked to a whole host of health problems including cancer, heart disease, depression, and even weight gain. If you do not get out in the sun without sunscreen often enough it is likely that you are in need of this nutrient. Although, the best and free way to absorb it is through sun exposure. This article discusses how vitamin D is essential for your vision.

Holistic Supplements for Bone Health


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Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption. We love this homeopathy brand since it is dairy free. I always recommend trying to get as many of these nutrients through food sources as possible and only supplementing when necessary. There are other calcium supplements also like Calc Phos and Calc Fluor. Make sure you are aware of the risks and benefits of anything you put in, on, or around your body. Here is some more great information on calcium.

Holistic Supplements for the Family


Magnesium is essential for calcium absorption. This is a powder holistic supplement that you can mix into water or a smoothie. You can also get magnesium oil or lotion to apply topically to assist with better sleep. Dr. Axe has some great information on magnesium.

Trace Minerals

holistic supplements trace minerals

We like to add these trace mineral drops to our water. We buy reverse osmosis water that is remineralized, but I like to supplement to increase the alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium. Trace minerals are great for everyone to replenish mineral stores. Click here to learn more about the benefits and importance of trace minerals.

Wheatgrass Powder

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This is a great way to get in a serving of greens that include iron, vitamin k, and manganese. I’ve linked a different brand that we love here. We add this supplement to our smoothies along with flax oil. We get our flax oil from Whole Foods, but here is one you can purchase online if you prefer. Flax oil is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids for your brain. Here is more information on flaxseed oil and wheatgrass.

Vitamin B12

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If you eat a predominantly plant based diet, it may be wise to consider this supplement. Here are some reasons that vitamin B12 is important. If you are vegan it is unlikely you are getting this through diet alone without purchasing other foods that are fortified with it. Some people also have certain genetic mutations that inhibit the bodies ability to absorb nutrients making supplementation necessary. Most of the time excess nutrients from these holistic supplements are excreted through urine, but be cautious. It is possible to overdose on certain holistic supplements like iron.



My son and I have both tested low in iron. We try to eat lots of iron rich foods, but we also take holistic supplements. I take the mega food blood builder and he takes renzos iron. One of our favorite ways to get added iron is with this dark chocolate. Taking iron with vitamin C will help absorption. A lot of these supplements are best taken alongside others to ensure maximum absorption.

Holistic Supplements for Gut Health

Digestive Enzymes


It wasn’t until recently when I visited my holistic doctor that I learned about digestive enzymes. Dr. Amy Myers shares some great information to help you discern if digestive enzymes would be beneficial for you and your family here. She discusses the role that digestive enzymes play, how they effect your gut and overall health, and what can cause enzyme deficiency. My husband loves taking these holistic supplements. He has seen a significant improvement in his digestion.

When taking holistic supplements I prefer to find a whole foods based vitamin. Any time you choose a supplement make sure that they meet the cGMP standards and are tested for contaminants and heavy metals. Let me know about the supplements you love or look forward to trying in the comments! Subscribe so you don’t miss new related content.

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