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How To Become A Minimalist

In this post I will teach you how to become a minimalist in two easy steps. I’m going to walk you through my journey so far. I will also provide you with ways to simplify your life. By investing a short amount of time to read this you will learn what a minimalist lifestyle can look like for you personally. 

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What is a minimalist?

Coming into this I asked myself this same question. There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to how to become a minimalist. Do you have to get rid of all of your things and never shop again? Short answer: no. Here is a great link that talks in detail about the different types of minimalists there are with a fun quiz to help you figure out which one you best relate to. 

Ways To Simplify Your Life

Tip #1: Minimize Things 

If something is sitting around your house that you haven’t used or don’t enjoy let it go! You can sell the item or donate it to someone in need. Once you do this, try to build a habit of becoming intentional with your purchases. If you second guess or don’t absolutely love or need something then don’t get it. *Low waste bonus:*if you choose to buy something, try to avoid buying new. You can reuse or buy something secondhand.  

A great way to get started is this 30 day minimalism challenge. I love how it gives you manageable goals and small tasks that you can do every day for a month to simplify your life. I started my minimalist journey, because my husband and I have moved a lot. Each time we moved, we have taken it as an opportunity to get rid of anything we didn’t want or need anymore. 

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Tip #2: Change Your Mindset 

Focus on experiences and spending time with those you love. Be intentional about how you spend your money. Budget. The less money you spend on things, the quicker you can pay off any debt you may have and put towards savings.

The less things you have, the more time you will find to spend creating and enjoying outdoors. You will also realize whats really important. Marketing is built to get you to think you need and want the latest trend. Be content with what you have and grateful for your blessings. You don’t really need much. One perk of becoming a minimalist is that the less things you have, the less time you will spend cleaning and maintaining them. 

Some practical advice: Clutter breeds clutter. Everything should have a place and purpose in your home, so you can easily see a mess and clean it up or get rid of something that you don’t need. When aspiring and learning how to become a minimalist change is made by taking baby steps every day. You could get rid of a lot of things in one day, but the minimalist lifestyle is something that you live out day to day. 

Books I Love

Here I will share a couple of books I have read that relate to the topic of minimalism.

Essentialism– This book provides a perspective on the mindset of focusing on what is most important to you. When you live a minimalist lifestyle, it’s not just about having less things. As I mentioned above, minimalism is a state of mind. When you think minimally you are focused on what gives you clarity of thought.

Goodbye, things how to become a minimalist book

Goodbye, things– This book gives tips and shares a real life practical journey on how to become a minimalist. It inspired me in many ways. I shared some of the information I learned in this book with my husband, and we were able to apply it to our everyday lives. If you’re looking for how to start your minimalism journey, this is the book for you. 

Check out my friend Jewels’ YouTube videos about mom life, her minimalist journey, and homeschooling. She is a wife and stay at home mama of three kids ages 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years. If you visit let her know you came from my blog!

Let me know in the comments below how you plan to take a step in your minimalism journey. If you enjoy this kind of content please subscribe so you can get more lifestyle tips. Share with a friend who could use some simplification in their life. Thanks for reading! 

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