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How To Do Wedding Flowers on a Budget- DIY Floral Arrangements

Flowers bring life to any event. Do you ever wonder how much expertise is really required to create such beautiful arrangements? You would be surprised at how simple it can be. I am going to walk you through the process of how to do wedding flowers and create the arrangements of your dreams. Once you are done reading this, you will be prepared to fashion your own masterpiece. The best part is that you can DIY on a budget!

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

The first step you want to take when learning how to do wedding flowers is knowing what flowers you will want to include in your wedding. I suggest when you do this that you view what flowers will be in season. My wedding was in the Fall. If you find photos of arrangements you really love that include flowers that aren’t in season, share this with a florist and they may be able to recommend a similar replacement. I decided to work with a florist at our local HEB near the venue.

Bride holding fall wedding floral bouquet

Work With A Florist

The next step you need to take when learning how to do wedding flowers is to find a florist. I chose to have the florist create the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. I also found a couple of pre-made bouquets that I used to decorate the front of the venue. All of the other arrangements at my wedding were done by me, my friends, and family. The florist was so amazing and helpful.

I just showed the florist photos I found for inspiration from Pinterest. I told her how many of each arrangement I was wanting to make. She was able to tell me exactly which flowers and how many I would need to order. She also told me the pricing as we went, so I could determine if it was a cost I wanted to accrue. I picked the flowers up the day before the wedding, and we worked on the arrangements at the venue. 

Wedding party showing how to do wedding flowers standing at a table creating floral arrangements DIY

The Process of Creating Floral Arrangements

Now that you have all of the flowers you chose, it’s time for you to create the floral arrangements for your wedding! You will want to enlist all of the help you can. Spend time overseeing that the arrangements are done to your liking. Of course, you can’t miss out on participating yourself. But, in my case we spent most of the day before the wedding at the venue just preparing all of the arrangements. I had upwards of six people that were able to help out.

lady with a shopping cart full of flowers for DIY Floral arrangements

Supplies you will need: 

  • Scissors
  • Tables
  • Vases, bowls, mason jars, or wherever you will be placing the flowers
  • Water

Once you have all of the above supplies accessible hop right in! I think it’s helpful to refer back to the photos you got your inspiration from and choose an arrangement you would like to begin with. When I met with the florist for the original consultation I kept lists of the number and kind of flowers she suggested for each arrangement. She was also super helpful in that she had them grouped the way I wanted when I picked them up. Since it is likely that you will be making the wedding floral arrangements the day before the wedding, make sure that you have a large refrigerator that you can store them in to keep them fresh.


Preserved wedding bridal bouquet in shadow box

My dad had a neighbor who does floral preservations. I am so glad he shared this service with me, because to this day I love having my bridal bouquet on display in a shadow box in our home. There are other preservations you can get as a great gift to give others. Since Christmas was right around the corner from my wedding, I got a beautiful ornament display of a rose from my wedding centerpieces for each of our moms and one for us to keep.

We treasure the flower preservations. They are a wonderful addition to the decor in our house. I am reminded of our special wedding day and the floral arrangements we created each time I see them. The flowers still look almost as fresh as they did three years ago. 

DIY Floral Arrangements in mason jars

If you enjoyed this post check out my other posts in my DIY wedding series. I talk about how to create your own photo booth and how to plan your wedding. Comment below if you have any other helpful suggestions or questions. Share with anyone you know who may be interested or find this beneficial. 

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