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Kitchen Staples

These kitchen staples are things that we use daily. If you’re looking for ideas for gifts for a housewarming party or wedding look no further. All of these items are essentials that you need to have in your kitchen. Check out my amazon favorites blog for more ideas and things we love in our kitchen.

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kitchen staples for your home

Knives, Cutting Board, and Measuring Cups

kitchen cutting board

These are the knives that we plan to purchase in the future to replace the ones that we have now. This cutting board is the one we have, and we love it! It is so easy to clean the little pieces rather than having to clean the whole board each time. Here is another cutting board that we may get in the future. We have had these glass measuring cups forever, and they are awesome.

Purified Water Dispenser

We have had this water dispenser for 3.5 years now. It is great, because it keeps the water cool. It also has a heating function that makes it really easy if you want to make something like tea or hot chocolate. We just refill our jugs at our local Whole Foods, natural grocers, or HEB with reverse osmosis water.

Produce Bowls

kitchen bowls with fruit and veggies

These bowls are so versatile. We use them to hold bananas and potatoes, but you can use them for parties to hold chips or whatever other food you’d like.

Pantry Items

coconut oil
peanut butter

  • Coconut oil is a must have in our kitchen. I love to use it for baking.
  • Avocado oil is another one of our kitchen staples that we use when cooking. We buy a huge glass bottle at Costco that lasts us a while.
  • We go through this peanut butter so quickly. It’s the best we have ever had. We eat it with apples, on toast with bananas, or to make cookies.
  • These sprouted oats are easily digested and great for making oatmeal.


We always eat off of our glass plates. This is a great way to save money and reduce waste. Here are 10 tips to reduce your waste. You can find plates at your local thrift store if you don’t want to buy them new or want to save some money. Here is another set of plates.

kitchen plates

Pots and Pans

kitchen pots

We were given this amazing set of stainless steel pots and pans. These and our cast iron are the only ones that we use. We also have this dutch oven. This is the lid holder that we have, and these cast iron handle covers are brilliant. Check out this article to learn about the safest cook/bakeware.

Kitchen Staples: Utensils

We use silicone and bamboo kitchen cooking utensils. We use something similar to this silverware for eating food. Our son uses the same silverware and plates as us, but he also has some of his own silicone plates and bowls. This one sticks to his high chair where he can’t pull it up.

kids plates

Kitchen Staples: Cleaning

kitchen scrubber

This is the latest dish brush that we ordered. I love that the head is removable and fully compostable, so you can replace it without creating a ton of plastic waste. Another low waste scrubber we love is this one made out of coconut fiber. It is great for scrubbing food stuck on cast iron.

We got our dish soap from tiny yellow bungalow. This is a great shop to purchase low waste items like her stain stick, laundry soap, and more! Our favorite all in one cleaner is by branch basics. The last of the cleaning kitchen staples I will share is this sink organizer. It has multiple sections for holding your sponges and brushes.

kitchen staples you need

Spice Rack

My husband has a bit of an obsession with collecting spices, so I will share three of my favorite organizers. This bamboo 3-tier shelf is great for accessing and storing multiple spices on a shelf where you can see them stacked. If you like to buy spices in bulk at your local grocer this is an awesome storing system that we also have. Lastly, here is a similar option for hanging on the wall to save space if you don’t have as much storage room in cabinets or on the counter.

spice rack

Kitchen Towels

We use our towels until they turn to shreds, but when they have no more use I plan on getting these. We are constantly using our hand towels to dry our hands, clean up messes, and we even use our small towels to wipe our faces and noses. Another great way to reduce your waste is to cut up old clothes and use them as washcloths before you have to dispose of them.

kitchen towels


Another one of the kitchen staples that is in constant use in our house. We use this Tupperware to store freezer meals, leftovers, and homemade bone broth to name a few things. We made the switch from plastic to glass a few years ago when we learned that harmful chemicals like BPS and BPA can leach into foods and wreak havoc on our health.

I love to make pie and shepherds pie in this pie pan. The casserole dish is also a must have. It is so versatile. You can make anything from enchiladas to a breakfast quiche for a potluck.

kitchen tupperware

I love to make pie and shepherds pie in this pie pan. The casserole dish is also a must have. It is so versatile. You can make anything from enchiladas to a breakfast quiche for a potluck. Check out my Pinterest for the shepherds pie recipe and my instagram for the best enchiladas.

kitchen pie pan

What are your kitchen essentials? Comment below and let me know!

12 kitchen staples
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