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Secret Things That Could Be Causing Your Health To Decline

Have you had health issues for as long as you can remember? Do you feel like no matter what you try you can’t seem to find answers? Many times medical doctors are trained and paid to just prescribe and not look at your body as a whole. In this post I aim to help you gain holistic insight as a starting point to try and heal some of the problems you have been suffering by finding the root cause. This route may take longer than just popping a pill for you to find relief from symptoms, but when you do the results will be lifelong and worth it.

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Heavy Metals

There are so many sources of heavy metals that we are inundated with in this day and age. From the chemtrails being sprayed in the sky, to the water we drink and the amalgam dental fillings you may have in your mouth. As we will discuss later, there are even heavy metals in some of the foods we eat. A great test that I plan on getting before trying to detox is by Great Plains Laboratory. These tests can add up and become pricey, so I recommend saving up and starting with what you can afford when you’re able.

Once you know specifically what your heavy metal load is and which specific heavy metals you have an overload of in your body you can work with a naturopath or holistic practitioner to select the specific vitamins you may need to supplement with and ways you may best safely detox. It is never recommended to detox when pregnant or nursing due to the fact that what you detox can go to the placenta/through your breastmilk and affect your baby.

In a few of my instagram highlights (mercury, detox, dental) I have discussed some of the sources and impacts of heavy metals. Another huge source of heavy metals and other toxins is vaccines. In the future I plan on putting up a blog post to update periodically with different vaccine resources. This slide show by the WHO discusses the impact of heavy metals on children.

Beauty Products

beauty products hair

On my instagram I shared a post and did a whole story highlight about the dangers of fragrance. In my latest blog post on essential oils I also go into more detail on why you should avoid fragrance in products. The fact that they don’t have to list all ingredients included in these products on the label is especially troublesome to those who may have a serious life threatening allergic reaction and be unable to determine what the source is. Janny organically has some great recommendations for beauty products that I plan to try in the future. This article discusses some of the harmful ingredients that are found in most conventional beauty products like makeup and other skin, hair, and body care.

The beauty product industry does not have any regulations requiring safety testing of the thousands of chemicals they include in their products. These companies aren’t even required to share all of the ingredients they contain. Here is an article sharing ten beauty product ingredients you should avoid.


plastic packaging

Not only is plastic not biodegradable and is harmful to life on the planet, but it also is typically manufactured and contains harmful chemicals to your health. There are so many better, low waste alternatives that you can switch to slowly when possible to positively impact your health. Wellness Mama wrote a great blog discussing this issue and multiple solutions.

Whenever possible buy food in glass containers or make your own. Buy toys that are wooden or recycled plastic, or used.

GMO and Pesticides

goo foods dirty dozen

The first thing that should alarm you is the suits that the people spraying pesticides on the crops we’re supposed to eat are required to wear to protect themselves. This should be highly concerning in and of itself. If you have pesticides sprayed in and around your home that are supposedly “safe” for pets and humans, but they kill bugs do you really think they are good for your health? We always opt for safe, natural alternatives to treat pests in our home like DE.

A lot of these secret things that could be causing your health to decline don’t always do so rapidly, so it can be hard to trace to one direct thing. When we are being inundated with so many harmful things on a day to day basis it is important to remember to start somewhere and slowly reduce your toxic load. If you continue to surround your body with toxins you can only expect for your health to continue to decline. The best thing you can do is to avoid these toxins in the first place, and then detox when possible to help your body heal.

There are many documentaries out there discussing the harms of GMOs. Here is one of them. We choose to try to only eat USDA organic food. If you aren’t ready to do that, you can still start by trying to eat the dirty dozen. Here is a short explanation of why you may want to avoid genetically modified foods. If you want more scientific reasoning, this article is great!


Mold can create serious health issues and completely encompass your life. Some people have to get rid of all of their possessions and start fresh due to the nature of the mold they have where they live. It can hide for years without you even knowing your home is the issue causing health problems. There are at home test kits you can purchase, or you can have a professional come assess, test, and even find out the specific type of mold you have in a lab.

Flame Retardants

Flame retardants can be found in so many products we use daily. Here are some great tips on how you can avoid flame retardants.

Here are some of my favorite products that don’t contain flame retardants or use natural alternatives.

  • Car seat: The Nuna Rava is the one we use on a daily basis. We love that it has a rear facing limit of 50 lbs and 49 inches, so our big boy is still able to sit safely for the longest amount of time possible. We also love the Britax Boulevard, but its rear facing weight limit is 40 pounds, so he won’t be able to rear face as long.bed
  • pillow and mattress
  • thrifted clothes

Birth Control

Dr. Jolene Brighton’s book Beyond the Pill is so good at going into great detail on the depth of issues that birth control can bring. If you choose to stay on birth control she discusses supplements and protocol you can take to try and protect yourself from their harmful effects. Some forms of birth control are abortifacients. Here is a great resource sharing contraceptive benefits and risks.

Prescription Drugs

prescription drugs

All drugs have serious side effects that you risk. A lot of times with lifestyle, diet change, and herbs/supplements you can reverse/improve the condition you have a prescription for and even stop taking the drugs. Of course always consult a trusted physician before stopping or replacing a prescription.


Most people are unaware that they have parasites. Many times parasites invade humans through the food they eat, or even animals in their home. Luckily, there are cleanses you can do to remove them from your body. This article discusses parasites and how to prevent them. A lot of times people report expelling parasites when they go through different detox programs.


We are inundated with electromagnetic fields(EMFs) from natural and man-made sources. EMFs can cause a variety of health issues. There are many ways you can test for EMFs and reduce your exposure. This article is very informative. Make sure to research any products you purchase, because some claim to protect you from EMFs while actually amplifying their effects.

Look out for posts in the future discussing more about the power of frequency in relation to our health. If your home has a smart meter I suggest you get rid of it or create/buy a cover for it to reduce emf exposure. EMFs post a particular greater risk for children to develop cancer.


  • This meter can show you the levels of EMFs in your home.
  • Read this book to learn more about the dangers of EMFs.

Gut Health

Our bodies are composed of trillions of bacteria which make up our microbiomes. Your microbiome impacts every area of your health and changes daily based on many different factors in your environment. Our bodies contain more bacterial cells than human cells. The bacteria in the gut microbiome can impact your health in a variety of ways through boosting your immune system or by causing disease.

This article shares ways to improve your gut health and more information on how the bacteria in your gut microbiome interact together to affect your health. Dr. Axe also discusses how to establish a strong microbiome in this article. Your gut health can affect your mental health, and diet is an important factor to consider when trying to heal the gut.

Safe Ways to Remove Toxins

Did you learn something new? Let me know in the comments if this was helpful or if you have tried any of these detoxes. For other ways to boost your health check out my natural remedies blog post. Subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts!

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