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Simple Mother’s Day Gifts | Moms Share Their Favorite Ideas

Here are some of the best simple Mother’s Day gifts. Thirteen moms shared their favorite gifts they received, and the overwhelming majority were not even physical gifts. Most moms would love to have a clean home and a relaxing day or a special homemade present. In this post, hear these ideas along with a few simple Mother’s Day gifts that any mom should love.

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What’s your favorite Mother’s Day gift you have received?

  • No cooking/ cleaning and the whole day to myself – Shirley
  • A pampering day – Mary
  • Breakfast in bed and homemade crafts from my children – Sherri
  • A letter from my dad telling me how proud he is oof me and why. Also, a painting from my daughter of her thinking of me – Clare
  • I have two! One was from my son when he was in kindergarten. He drew a picture oof me on a plate which is now hanging in the kitchen. I love it so much! The other was from my daughter. She wrote really nice things about me on small pieces of paper, and then she put them in a jar. The idea was to take one out each day and read it. (Not her idea, I think she hear it on the radio). It was so sweet. – Rachel
  • Something that I did with my preschool Sunday school class (my daughter made me one) was painted a pot and then planted flowers in it. – Ashley
  • Flowers – Brittany
  • Stackable name rings – Kali
  • Mommy and me photoshoot – Lauren
  • Massage – Tia
  • A clean home and relaxing day with no responsibilities – Kaylee
  • A necklace with my children’s birth stones – Loni
  • Alone time – Esther
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Mother’s Day Gifts

A family printshop has the cutest, special silhouettes.

These real roses last a year!!

This DIY mason jar photo frame and flower vase is a thoughtful and useful gift. I love spending my time creating something special that I know will be meaningful for my mom.

How to make soap DIY coffee scrub

A few other great handmade gifts are this DIY soap scrub and this DIY photo pallet.

Put together a bouquet of essential oils paired with a diffuser. Essential oils have so many benefits for your health, and they smell great!

Make a photo book, calendar, or other custom gift with Shutterfly. This will need to be done in advance to allot for shipping time, but you can make it as simple or extravagant as you want. What mom doesn’t love showing off pictures of her children and grandchildren?

mothers day photo book

If you have any other suggestions for simple Mother’s Day gifts please leave them below. These gift ideas are great for any occasion. If you’re looking for other gift ideas make sure to check out my amazon favorites.

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