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Vaccine Facts & Resources

I constantly have people asking about vaccines, so I decided to start a running list to refer to with vaccine facts and resources. I will try to update frequently with more information and links. Feel free to email with any others that would be beneficial to add.

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Learn the Risk – love their advocacy materials

Vaccine Guide

Children’s Health Defense– A lot of these sites have newsletters where you can sign up to get updated information and studies as they emerge.

The Highwire with Del Bigtree- Every Thursday new episodes with real news related to health and medical freedom.

Samantha Naturally- you can find her on instagram or telegram. She has lots of great highlights, and has done slideshow presentations with vaccine facts & resources.

Janny Organically– You can also find lots of god vaccine facts & resources on her social media. Loved her site, but she recently added password protection.

Talia Likeitis– Inspiring advocate learning to homestead. She has an advocacy shop and website along with her social media.

Chris Kirckof- Author of So You’re Going to Have a Baby, a must-read for all expectant moms with a wealth of knowledge and information. You can find him on most social media sites.

The Truth About Vaccines– A great series to watch. Ty and Charlene Bollinger also have an educational series on the truth about cancer that is a must watch.

Joshua Coleman with V is For Vaccine– A wonderful way to get involved educating your community with vaccine facts & resources.

Brittney Kara- I think she was probably one of the first advocates that opened my eyes to the importance of researching vaccines.

Freedom Keepers– Stay in touch with this group locally for ways to advocate and get involved with the medical freedom movement.

TFVC– Texans for Vaccine Choice works to preserve our right to choose to vaccinate or not by providing education.

Believe Mothers/Rose Uncharted (Henges)- Lots of vaccine facts & resources on those instagram pages.

National Vaccine Information Center

Mercola– Science based health information from a doctor

Dr. Tenpenny

Vaccine Safety Commission– lots of studies– Tons of resources

Physicians for Informed Consent

Vaccine Papers

Vaccine Safety

Ingredients – My favorite resource for a vaccine excipient list. Love how it shows the ingredients in abc order and lists every vaccine that the ingredient is in.

Where to Start

Just The Inserts



Trace Amounts

Age of Aluminum


The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears- Discusses the diseases in which vaccines are supposed to protect against and the ingredients in vaccines.

Millers Critical Review

The Vaccine Epidemic

Dissolving Illusions

No Liability

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) gives immunity to vaccine manufacturers from liability when people are harmed or die from vaccines.The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was created to pay out families who are able to prove in a lengthy and pricey process that they were injured from vaccines. This program is funded by a 75 cent excise tax on each vaccine that is purchased and given. There has been 4.5 billion dollars awarded and counting.

If someone dies from a vaccine, their family will be awarded no more than $250,000. Most cases of vaccine injury are dismissed because doctors and vaccine manufacturers deny a causation link.  The statutory time limit for filing a claim is only 2 years after death and 3 years from the time of vaccine injury.


Vaccines contain carcinogens (formaldehyde), neurotoxins (aluminum and mercury), and animal and aborted fetal tissue. They can cause heavy metal accumulation and disease. The childhood vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety on children. Ask yourself how injecting yourself with toxic ingredients is supposed to boost immunity.

Lack of Safety Studies

Section 13.1 of every vaccine insert states that they have not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of fertility. The safety studies that have been done are short term and biased since they are not conducted by independent researchers. The same manufacturers that are making profit from the vaccines are the ones who are in charge of determining the safety. When you get a vaccine, you are the test subject.

Vaccines are not held to the same double blind gold standard of clinical testing as other pharmaceutical drugs because they are considered biological products under the Public Health Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. They meet the same standard as cosmetics. Vaccinations are tested against other vaccinations, adjuvants, and complex vaccinations – this not only yields inaccurate results but altered and inaccurate safety data.

Conflict of Interest

Many doctors are monetarily rewarded for having a high percentage of his/her patients who are fully vaccinated. If you get paid for sick patients what incentive do you have to keep them healthy? Vaccine mandates (like SB277) literally hand over new customers to pharmaceutical companies. If a product is safe and good for your health you shouldn’t have to be bribed to take it. Vaccine safety and efficacy research is not conducted by independent researchers, and so it’s biased.

Vaccine Injury Is Not Rare

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)- Doctors are supposed to tell everyone that is vaccinated about this system along with how to report vaccine injury and reactions, but most don’t even know it exists and haven’t read inserts themselves. The number of reports compared to actual injury is very low at only one percent. Vaccine injury is under-reported. VAERS is the only way to officially report a vaccine injury and is tedious with no incentive for a doctor to fill it out. 


When you are vaccinated with a live virus you could be a carrier of the disease you were vaccinated for and spread it (“shedding”) for up to six weeks.

The inserts from the manufacturers confirm shedding. 

Chicken Pox (Varivax) – Shedding (Section 5.4)

Shingles (Zostavax} – Shedding (Section 5.2)

MMR Shedding (Page 5, Under Precaution)

Rotavirus (Rotarix)- Shedding (Section 5.4)

Smallpox (ACAM2000) – Shedding (Section 5.4)


There are thousands of diseases out there with no “cure” or vaccine. Yet, the media emphasizes on the few that there are vaccines for with fear mongering.The actual diseases you would be vaccinating against have less chance of death or life altering consequences than the actual side effects of the vaccine itself. People always want to claim that diseases have been eradicated thanks to vaccines. Vaccines did not eradicate diseases. Quarantine programs, sanitation, clean living conditions, and clean water did. If you look at how these viruses are transmitted (dirty water, poop, unpasteurized milk from infected cows, etc.) and the time frame during which these diseases actually decreased you’ll see this occurred during a time in both Britain and United States History where our society became more industrialized as a whole and access to clean water, clean food, and public health services drastically improved. 

 What I see around me is a new generation of disease. We have a 1 in 45 autism rate – the highest in history and of any other country. We have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, Crohn’s disease, eczema, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, seizure disorders, birth defects, psoriasis, food allergies, thyroid conditions, and outbreaks of vaccine-strain disease like pertussis, measles, shingles, and mumps. Just compare the health of those who are vaccinated to those who choose not to.

Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is this concept that a certain percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to eradicate a disease. Herd immunity does not exist with vaccines and here’s why. It only applies to those diseases that are naturally derived that confer lifetime immunity. Vaccine manufactures promise to introduce an antigen. They do not promise that the antigen will initiate an antibody response (e.g. MMR vaccine insert). Even if there is an antibody response the doesn’t mean one will have immunity and if they do, immunity is temporary.

The majority of the population isn’t even considered up to date on their vaccines. If you look at the increase in the childhood vaccination schedule, most adults haven’t even had half of the vaccines given to babies today. The herd immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher who studies measles in the United States before a vaccine was invented. He observed the epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children had developed natural immunity to it. This natural immunity only can occur after building immunity through getting or being exposed to the disease. Only after vaccinations have people tried to change the term to mean 95% of the population being immunized with no scientific justification to back it up.

Polio Hepatitis B Flu Flu 2 DTaP

Natural Immunity

Here are some tips from a doctor on how to boost immune system. There are many benefits to gaining natural immunity to diseases. Most immunity that may be gained from vaccines is only temporary, while if you get a disease you will likely have full immunity for life. Many childhood infections actually even protect against cancer. Check out my posts on holistic supplements we love and natural remedies to learn more about how you can boost your immune system.


Doesn’t prevent transmission or infection

Safety and Efficacy

Not FDA Approved

Side Effects: *allergic reactions * blood clots *death *affects fertility *miscarriage and stillbirth

Adverse Reactions

Risk and benefits

Fact Sheet Pfizer Moderna


Concerns Increase in death rates

Benefits vs Risks

Increase in Infection after Vaccine and Pathogenic Priming in Elderly


Click here to learn how to get a vaccine exemption in your state. Check out freedom keepers united in your state to find out how you can get one.

In Conclusion

Vaccines have not been proven safe. They are not effective. They have not eradicated any diseases. They cause illness including the ones they are designed to prevent. They cause viruses to mutate and strains of what were simple childhood diseases to become more virulent. Vaccines assault the immune system, contain additives that are deemed harmful and toxic by the EPA and FDA, and are responsible for the most recent outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, and meningitis.

So, my conclusion is we have a bunch of vaccinated people out there who may or may not have developed antibodies and if they have, will have “worn off” in a period of days, months, or years. How many people in their 30s and 40s do you know who have been vaccinated lately? Why do we not see these “vaccine preventable” outbreaks in this age group? Why are the outbreaks occurring among the most heavily vaccinated population and in the vaccinated themselves? And is it safe to get continuous boosters of these vaccines throughout the course of one’s life? Has anyone done a study on the long-term effects of repeated vaccines? What about the accumulation of heavy metals like mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum that have an affinity to the brain and intestines and accumulate in toxic levels in the body? What about the DNA of the cells (of aborted fetuses and animals) and its ability to interact with our own? I think these are serious questions that need to be answered.

At the end of the day, as a parent, I am not willing to gamble with these odds. (Some of the text in this blog was copied from an unknown source.)

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