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Valentines Day Gift Ideas |Activities, Crafts & More!

Do you love to celebrate every holiday? Here is your all inclusive list of everything related to Valentine’s Day. I take you through the history and traditions of Valentine’s Day, share the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her, and list fun activities for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for how to decorate your house or holiday themed treats to make, this is the post for you!

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Valentines Day Gifts For Him

valentines day gift ideas bamboo charging station with apple watch and AirPods
  • This toolbox is a great gift for the handy guy in your life. My husband has a whole drawer full of screwdrivers and wrenches that need a home. A toolbox is the perfect way to store and organize all of them.
  • Gifts for Tech Guys: My husband loves to use his iPad to work on the go or watch shows in his downtime. It is so convenient to carry in your bag. If your man wants his laptop with him at all times, this bag is high quality and durable. Another gift that he is sure to love is the amazon echo dot. You can even buy multiple to put in every room of the house. Lastly, this bamboo charging station is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It will definitely be appreciated and well used.
  • Practical/Minimalist Gifts: These socks are ethically made and vegan. I love that this brand gives back with every purchase made. These boxers are fair trade and made with organic cotton free of hazardous chemicals. You can feel confident buying something that will be so close to your man that won’t harm his health. My husband and I love Harry’s dollar shave club. It is so cheap and affordable, and the razors work great! Finally, your man will love this jacket. This brand is awesome, because they ensure that everything is ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • This cooler bag is perfect to take lunch and healthy snacks along.
  • FoodiesCast iron skillets are so amazing to cook with and easy to clean. We love this brand and use it for most of our cooking. Also, these stainless steel pots and pans are the best. We were gifted them for Christmas finally after using our HEB and Target ones for years since college.
  • Fitness junkies– My husband loves these workout shoes. They are super comfortable for everyday use or for exercising. He has two different pairs and wears them every day.

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

valentines day bouquet of flowers on desk
  • You can never go wrong with chocolate. One year for Valentine’s Day my husband got me a huge assortment of gourmet truffles from a local shop that were so tasty. Another delicious treat she will love is chocolate covered strawberries.
  • When I was a student teacher, a mom I babysat for sent me flowers from, and they seriously have the best flowers! The flowers lasted for over two weeks, and they came already in a vase. If you don’t think she wants live flowers, venus et fleur is the way to go. These real roses last an entire year.
  • One year my boyfriend (now husband) got me the sweetest locket heart necklace for Valentine’s Day that I wore every day afterword. Another year he got me a diamond heart necklace. I loved how special it was that he picked them out. They were a beautiful reminder of our love every day I wore them. Another piece of jewelry that I’ve been wearing from him for years is a ring he got engraved with our names and birth stones.
  • Go to a special restaurant for a dinner date or cook her favorite dinner. She may also enjoy a cooking class or gift card to her favorite diner. You can go on a picnic together.
  • Make this DIY soap scrub. This is the perfect gift she can use to pamper herself for days to come.


  • Take this quiz to find our your love language. There are five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and receiving gifts. Everyone enjoys these things, but each individual will have a tendency to feel more loved by one in particular. When you know how your significant other feels most loved, you can be sure to emphasize that to them intentionally in different ways.
  • The Dating Divas have great ideas for how you can show your loved ones you care based on their love languages.
  • Make baked goods together. I love to bake. You can have a cookie decorating party.
  • Do acts of kindness to show love to others this Valentine’s Day. Purchase a drink or the meal of the person behind you in line or another family at a restaurant. Cook a meal for a homeless person or offer to play with a single mothers’ children while she has some time for self care. The opportunities are endless, just look at the needs of those around you and meet them.
  • Create bags to give to those in need. Instead of using plastic bags, you can purchase these reusable bags that they will be able to use for years to come. Some important things you may want to include are: food, reusable water bottle with fresh water, socks, and a list of local resources available to help them with a map.
  • Give valentines to your neighbors. It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can make cookies or give them a succulent. It’s always nice to build a relationship with and show hospitality to those who live or work near you.
  • Leave sticky notes all over the mirror telling your family/friends why you love them for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Date Ideas

valentines day date with man and woman holding paintings
  • The Dating Divas have some of the best Valentine’s ideas. They not only share dates, but cute gift ideas and activities.
  • If you are local, free fun in austin always has great date night ideas that don’t have to cost you anything but time.
  • Do something artsy together like painting with a twist. We have done this before as a double date, and it was so fun! We still love to have the art hanging in our home.
  • Go dancing or listen to live music. It’s always nice to let loose and leave all your cares behind to enjoy time together.
  • Have a relaxing night in. Give each other massages, light some candles, snuggle, dance to your favorite music. Eat take out, and have a long deep conversation.
  • Go for a walk or on a hike together. If it’s at night maybe find a place to lay and stargaze.
  • Make your significant other breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t like to wake up to their favorite meal without even having to get out from under the cozy blankets and comfort of your bed?

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Decor

Create this easy paper heart wreath. This is the perfect banner that you can re-use every year. You can get this cute doormat, which is festive and functional since it can be left out and used all year long. I love these for putting on your fireplace mantle or table.

This pitcher with heart detailing is perfect for serving drinks or holding fresh plants year round. Another great way to spruce up the kitchen with something useful are these dish towels. Honestly, can anyone really ever have too many?

Valentine’s Day Food

Pureella shares some delicious looking Valentine’s Day Recipes here. These vegan gluten free chocolate muffins by Oh She Glows are the perfect treat. Of course, I had to include Minimalist Baker’s 22 Easy Vegan Valentine’s Day Desserts.

Valentine’s Day Traditions

Here is a list of ten valentines day traditions from around the world. I also found some cute family traditions for Valentine’s Day. Do you have any traditions you love? Share them below in the comments!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Lady sniffing flowers and balloons in the shape of a heart with teddy bear

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